5 steps to help you achieve your goals

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Accept No Excuses

I remember when one of my teachers said this to me a long time ago and it has stuck ever since. I used to come with wonderful ideas for things to do but then I stopped myself from even getting started on one because one by one all the excuses came. And they were good... read more

3 ideas for the weekend

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The Multitasking Myth

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Saiyyidah is utterly extraordinary. She doesn’t have a single scrap of that unpleasant aggressive don’t-give-a-damn-about-others kind of drive; by contrast her incredible hard work and achievement is part of a whole person who I have never seen anything other than sunny, cheerful, energetic and positive about the world and every different person within it. She really is “Making a difference in the world” Saiyyidah is inclusive, energising, practical: changing the world, but with a smile.

Anne Scoular, Managing Director, Meyler Campbell Limited, and author of The Financial Times Guide to Business Coaching

Saiyyidah has a no nonsense, practical approach which is based on years of life experience. She helped me to clarify and focus and was reassuring and open in the initial thought process I went through. Saiyyidah helped me to put things into perspective easily and was able to understand both sides of situation without imposing her own opinions. What I appreciated best about Saiyyidah is that she hears the whole thing not just what you want to hear.

Saleem Ismail, Director Specsavers UK

Thank you sooo much for your time and for sharing with us your knowledge. The coaching has been an AMAZING experience. Sometimes I do more in one hour of coaching with Saiyyidah than in two months of work. Thank you again and may Allah reward you. Its been brilliant for my business.

Lilianna Ayana, South America, Director Public Services and Business Owner

“Saiyyidah Zaidi is one of the best people I have ever worked with.”

Muhammad AlShareef, founder of Al Maghrib Institute

Saiyyidah’s approach helped me change my mindset for the better. Life is positive and I can do much more with my family and business. This is a gift from God!

Umm Ayyub, Stay at home mum and business owner.


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